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Bellingham Diner

The Bellingham Diner was established in 1971 and continues to serve fresh eggs, ham, bacon, and sausage 24 hours per day on the main drag in Bellingham, Washington. Come try our bacon fat biscuits!

Bellingham Diner updated use of our old photo for 2024

April Showers bring May...NOT!

What does April snow bring? Come in to the diner to sample Al's new breakfast -- The Bham Slam!

Eggs, bacon, sausage, tofookie turds, and a ladleful of US Navy chillie, with a toasted English and a side of crunchy home fries. Breakfast of lumberjacks... the real kind not the cosplay fools.

According to Al this plate was inspired by a certain Bellingam High School teacher who is no longer here, but who inspired young Al to Go For The Gold! and open the diner. Also according to Al, had that teacher not reversed the damage done by the Whatcom middle school, Al would be in the brig somewhere today.

February Special: Everybody's Leaving Bellingam - Al's Take-Away

It seems everybody with any sense is leaving Washington State nowadays. Something about leftists and t axes. A quick look up and down the block xhows -- yup, all the smarter ones have gone. It's like Bellingham is going back to the 70s again.

So this month Al's says "take it and GO!" with new foam-cup take-away specials. Coffee, of course, but why not bacon in a foam cup? The grits do fine in foam, even with butter. Poached eggs in a foam cup? Maybe not.

Come by and say hello, but don't stay. Take away some grub for your road trip out of Bellingham.

January New Year Special: Al's SOS Grits ("Same Old Slop")

Temporal Anchoring is soooo important for humans... when they connect an action to a fixed, memorable point in time, they are more likely to remeber it, emphasize its importance, prioritize it, etc. "1/1" is such a date... a temporal anchor for action... so Happy New Year! It's time for more of the same!

That's it. That's the special.

Al has been grumpy as a lone rooster lately, and his dedication to the New Year celebration is whipping together the Same Old Slop and calling it Al's New Year's Grits or some stupid name like that. Don't be fooled... while he might be mixing in a few drops of the Bourbon-flavored maple syrup he got in his Christman stocking, it's not a new recipe and not even Al's. He got it from an old southern BBQ buddy.

Sometimes Al needs a wake-up slap, so do come by and try the grits, but while you're washing down the slop with your hot coffee, give Al some of the ribbing he deserves -- tell him what you really think of "his" grits.

This Week's Special: Colonizer Cranberry Muffins

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Al presents his standard blueberry muffins but with cranberries, because east coast native American colonizing involved.. you guessed it, cranberries!

That's it. That's the special.

The secret Bellingham free Turkey Dinner will happen as it always does, for those in-the-know and deemed worthy of the free meal. As always, freeloaders, "resisters", and all other hungry who could work for a living but choose not to, need not try to enjoy Al's turkey, turkey gravy, or chestnut stuffing. It's simply not for you. Al believes fasting is helpful -- it makes your prayer more meaningful, and if you are one of those forementioned people, you should be praying, right?

New Special! Franco's Best

Al has concocted a Special this month just for you pushy young, and generally broke(n) Bellingham idealists - Franco's Best!

In honor of the eventual pain you will suffer at the hands of the righteous (when they finally decide they have "had enough" of your collective nonsense), Al has paired all-beef frankfurters with a unique recipe of maple syrup, honey, and his grandpa's famous home-milled pancake batter. It's a real low-cost treat!

Debbie says one is enough for anybody, but Al tried to serve this as pairs of two for $8, which would be a steal (just the way the commies like it!). Common sense eventually prevailed (this time without violence - Amazing!). So for a limited time, come enjoy one hearty and filling "Franco" at the Bellingham Diner, for just $5!

Come visit Al & Debbie's Bellingham Diner, the original classic American diner located right in the heart of Bellingham's busiest district. Your home town diner!

This Month's Specials - For June we have Pandemic 2.0 Month!

That's right, just when you thought the "pandemic" was over, Al starts in with the conspiracy theories again. June marks the first official Al Warnings about The Next Pandemic, heretofore known as Pandemic 2.0 (or Scamdemic II, if you prefer).

Since these crises are clearly political theater and despicable, Al has created a new "Snot Syrup" for your summer pancakes! It's the same great maple flavor, except all gooey and yellowie and disgusting, to remind you of the evil villains behind your public health system and the plandemic fear-mongering they push out to scare you and take emergency powers over your lives.

As per usual, city and county public health officials, the current local sheriff, and "1st responders" from COVID-19 are not welcome. Everyone else, come beef up in preparation for the trauma of the next pandemic, while you can!

Side Note : Before you get all angry and uppity (again), remember the illnesses they push at you are real, and some people do get hurt! But that doesn't make it right to declare the emergencies, nor to justify the unjust and ill-advised actions they took and continue to take, in the name of public safety. Think you know better than Al? Then GO FIND ANOTHER DINER, cause Al doesn't care what you think, unless you are kind, just, thoughtful, and legitimately concerned for the OVERALL public welfare.

This Week's Specials - February is Fat Tuesday Month!

If you got the Baby Jesus in your King Cake this year, bring it in to show Al. He'll cut 20% off your bill! Al knows that next year's King Cake is gonna cost alot more (thanks Joe Biden!) and he feels bad for you, since you have to buy that one. Deal stands through February only; 1 discount per Baby Jesus.

Update :

This Week's Specials - It's 2023!

Al got snow! Al hates snow.

Al & Debbie are proud BellyHamsters and WeeBees - "we be here when you got here, and we be here when you leave!"

Update : This month Al is making the "Cough until you can Spit it out!" oatmeal, which is supposed to be like a Chinese Congee breakfast but themed for the current nasty-Bellingham-chest-cold going around. Please don't actually come here if you're sick, and definitely no spitting in or around this tiny little historic trailer. Even Al doesn't spit any more.

This Week's Specials - It's December 2022!

December is Christmas Month in the 'Ham, and both Al and Debbie are thrilled to get started with Advent, appreciating the hope and enthusiasm it brings! Light your candles, read spiritual reflections as a family, and be grateful you were warned not to take the fake vaccines made with aborted popes.

Update : the Remorse Omelet is still available, and still free to Bellingham area healthcare workers, but this won't last much longer as there seems to be a little too much demand for free stuff, and to be honest, a wee bit too little remorse.

This Week's Specials - Nov 2022!

Al is happy to report he survived the COVID scare (no thanks to many of you!) but he wants to remind everyone that if they continue to be this stupid, they will die, and they may also kill others. Yes, this means that if you were telling everyone to Mask Up! like a fearful nitwit, you have some apologizing to do.

To help, Al has put together a new "Remorse Omelet". It's a secret what's in it, and the ingredients may kill you, but you'll just eat it cause Al says so, get it?

For the foreseeable future, the Remorse Omelet is FREE to all Bellingham area healthcare workers! That includes you allied health professionals - especially the massage therapists who actually thought they were doing the right thing in reporting their clients to the Feds. Yes, Al knows the deets, and was very disappointed in you.

Svedish Pancakes!

Sample the Svedish Pancakes as well, as only Al's Uncle Sven could have designed. Not too sweet, not too crunchy, and not to thick, Al's Svedish Cakes are "to die for". Open 7 days unless it rains more than 12 inches in 48 hours.

Prior Specials - going back in Al loves to do!

The rain has arrived, so Al is serving up runny eggs all this week. The rain's dripping off your head, that cold has your nose all runny, and Al's undercooked whites will slide right off the plate if you let them. Be sure and ask for an extra piece of sourdough to sop up the yolk.

Al's back with his famous Bellingham's Fall Oatmeal Surprise! He won't reveal exactly what's in there but we've so far recognized walnuts, raisins and/or mini currants, banana and at least a hint of local honey. Also on this week's agenda: half-price grilled cheese on any days that Wade King, Carl Cozier, or Kulshan have half days. Bring the kids!

Warning from Al and Debbie:

There is a US Patent for "butter flavored composition which may be in use at less upscale establishments than your favorite Bellingham restaurant:

United States Patent 4684532 : A process for obtaining an aqueous soluble butter flavor is disclosed comprising cooking together an aqueous combination of sugar and butter in a ratio of 50:1 to 1:10 at a temperature of about 150° F. to 250° F. for about 0.5-5 hours. The resultant emulsion is separated to recover an aqueous phase having a cooked butter flavor. When incorporated into low calorie table syrups, the flavor imparts a cooked butter taste and maintains the syrup as a clear composition. Low fat spreads may also successfully utilize the recovered cooked butter flavor phase.

School's Back in Session!

Celebrate the return of the kiddies to school, with Al's "Lazy Morning Breakfast". Served from 8:45am until noon, and that means you arrive at 8:45am and stay until noon. Get it? The kids are in school! You're free! Al's such a comedian, but he has eggs, muffins, and good ol'e diner coffee hot 'n ready for you.

Labor Day Weekend!

Start the Labor Day week with Al's new recipe "ChemCakes". ChemCakes are artificial pancakes made with non-dairy egg-like substance (get it.. no "labor" as in no real egg laying this week). Al thinks he's a funny guy. Our real egg specials will be available for B'Hamsters less eager to consume synthetic materials passing off as nutrition.

Please note:Debbie's interview is scheduled for Thursday, so we may close early to help cheer her on! If you gotta eat then you gotta eat early, mmmmkay?

The "Pacific Northwest Scramble": Let Al wreck your eggs with a muss of flaked salmon this morning, served with a fresh Bellingham Diner roll and your favorite diner coffee.

The Bellingham Washington Diner Experience

How much of a Bellinghamster are you? Do you really, truly know the Bellingham, Washington dining out experience? Really?

Did you eat at the Horshoe Cafe with the band, with literally no money and yet somehow end up with fries and half a toast that somebody must have paid for? Or did you only know the revived Horshoe, for it's very short life as a hipster diner, before it reverted back to The Shoe again... a virtual truck stop for those roughing it in Bellingham's parks? Or maybe you only know The Horshoe Cafe now, where it sat pre-COVID as yet-another-underfunded-Bellingham business? Or... today?

A real BellyHamster knew the unpublished menu at that colorful community breakfast kitchen in Sunnyland, and ate for free courtesy of those who were ignorant of the unpublished menu (and it's "local prices", lol). Was that you, friend?

As long as we're reminiscing, we simply must acknowledge the "aroma" in the old bay side breakfast joint that only true 'hamsters knew. Al used to blame the staff for stinking up that place... "The bathroom is right in the middle of the eating area! Do you're doodie at home, before you report for duty!", he used to scream. It was no use...some people smell things more than others.

There's also a place called Sehome Diner which is not the Sehome Diner we knew, back when the Bellingham Diner started long, long ago. Oh sure, it's in the Sehome shopping center, near-enough to Sehome High School, but it's a cafe more than a diner, right?

Legit Bellinghammers knew the tiny triangular mess hall that was Diamond Jims, before the demolition. That place was awesome if ONLY because of Jim's ex-Navy style grilling, and the natural thru-house air conditioning that kept the air frisky at all times without any need for a fan. Some of you posers actually think Jim's is simply the big breakfast place over by the fountain district... but that, to those who really know what it means to dine in The 'Ham, was the greatest BBQ joint north of Baton Rouge (before the city stole Jim's lot and funded half of his retirement).